My Portfolio

I built these projects when I went through the Vanilla JS Academy. I’m showing them here to demonstrate my expertise in vanilla JavaScript. Click the “Learn More” links to learn about the decisions I made, why I made them, and how they impacted my objectives.

Random Ron

Show random Ron Swanson quotes using the Ron Swanson quotes API.

Top Stories

Use the New York Times API to get and display today’s top stories.

Find the Monsters

A fun game in which you find your monster friends and avoid the sock.

Table of Contents

Dynamically generate a table of contents from page headings.

Weather App

Find a visitor’s location and display their local weather information.

DOM Library

My own tiny DOM manipulation library. Like jQuery, without the obesity.

Form Saver

Automatically save form data as a user types.

API Cache

Cache API data for a more resilient app.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer app for tracking tasks.

To-Do List

A simple to-do list app built with localStorage.