When you begin working with objects in JavaScript, it's easy to get confused over properties and methods.

Let's look at a simple object literal:

var dog = {
name: "Yoko",
breed: "Labrador",
bark: function () {
return "Woof!";

Technically, the name, breed, and bark members are all properties.

But the usual distinction is that the name and breed members are properties, while the bark member is a method.

The MDN Web Docs explain that this is just a convention:

It's typical when speaking of an object's properties to make a distinction between properties and methods. However, the property/method distinction is little more than a convention. A method is simply a property that can be called (for example, if it has a reference to a Function instance as its value).

While this may be little more than a convention, I think it's important to stick with it. The distinction is well understood.