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I write about front-end web development. I'm inspired by Nathan Barry's motto, teach everything you know. I also take a lot of inspiration from my friend and mentor, Chris Ferdinandi.

Short-circuit evaluation in JavaScript

When I was first learning JavaScript, I learned about the usual conditional statements pretty quickly: the if...else statement, the switch statement, and even the ternary operator. But it was a little while before I learned about short-circuit evaluation. Let’s dig into it!

The difference between parameters and arguments in JavaScript functions

The terms “parameter” and “argument” are often used interchangeably in the context of JavaScript functions. You may have wondered what the difference is, if any. Let’s clear this shit up once and for all! 💩

Security and performance issues with target="_blank" on links

Setting the value of a link’s target attribute to _blank will make the link open in a new tab or window. Ideally, you shouldn’t be doing this (and here’s why). But if you are, there are a couple of security and performance issues to be aware of.